Silver Somalis....their roots!

Picture: Tajura Alónià, lilacsilver

In WorldwideWeb once was written:

"If you want to have silvers in your litter, you need a homozygous silver parent"! The safest way!

 The roots and origin of the Silver Somalis start as so often in England, in 1968.

The English catteries Firefly & Algol form the foundation for the breeding-program of the Silver Abyssinian & Somalis. To get a new color in an existing breed, you need a crossbreeding of another established breed. This must first be approved by the relevant organization. The english breeder crossed in here the British Shorthair silver tipped, also called Chinchilla! The silver gen is dominant.

Almost at the same time, at the beginning of the 1970s, the Norwegian cattery Arkens started also for the silver breeding-program of the Abyssinians and Somalis. These included the Persians Chinchilla Silver Shaded. In this case not only the dominant silver gen was passed on, but also the longhair gene. A smart move.


To consolidate or improve the breed, 4-5 generations are needed. Only then you can talk of a homozygous Abyssinian or Somali. Well thought out, this RIEX incrossing naturally brings the benefit of an expanded gene pool.

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