The History of DeiAmorFelini


DeiAmorFelini starts its breeding career with the basic consideration in 2009! At this time, the 2 SilverSomalis Coco & Chanel have been living with me for 4 years. This includes studying the breed Somali, its history, development and the various pedigrees. A connection with the traditional colors (Ruddy, Sorrel, Blue & Fawn) to the American Cattery Lynn-Lee should always be available, at least on one parent side. And regarding the Silversomalis to the English Silver-Abyssinian Firefly Jasper!
The Cattery Lynn-Lee is ultimately the one who has fought for the recognition of the breed SOMALI. Without her courage the Somali would not have been recognized. In the colors chocolate and lilac the minds separate, because there are the lovers and the stupid ones. Lilac & Chocolate can only be achieved by cross-breeding to a foreign race, often crossed with Burmese, at the beginning. If breeders have KNOW-HOW, you will practize this well for genetics and defects. A breed is pure in the breed after 4 generations. Also this is often not known yet, with many, we call these also breeders. Fresh blood is enriching when used professionally and conscientiously!
Afterwards, the search for an affix for the Somali is supposed to embody.
The Somalis are DIVINE - LOVING - CATS = Dei Amor Felini!
This is protected later by the TICA and the search for a club goes on. The election of our first association, will fall to the BEC in 2010, which will be resolved at the end of 2011 after 2 years of our entry. Previously in 2010, the search for a girl goes on. After this time the Somalis are related to each other in the broadest and most telling sense, Dei AmorFelini decides for a foreign female Somali, which has nothing to do with the resident Somalis. We also decide for a german Stud Boy. And my blue AMOR will be his offspring!
DeiAmorFelini continues to breed with his offspring Worldchampion DeiAmorFelini Amor. However, in cooperation with the English Cattery TAJURA in the near future the successor of Amor is envisaged. We belong to the Cat Club Germany after the dissolution of the BEC, in the meantime the spin-off, to the SDRV e.V.

DeiAmorFelini continues to invest in a silver Somali, called KULTAKUUSEN ESMERALDA (called YASMEEN at home), from Finland. It is ultimately the Somali, the DeiAmorFelini, make us known and famous in the Somaliscene world-wide to the name. Kultakuusen Esmeralda unfortunately gets a litter too much according to the prescribed regulations. Since we do not practice a separate cat-keeping, somehow something like this had to happen and had to be a lesson to us. We continue to practice NO separate cat keeping. The litter is still officially registered on the existence of DeiAmorFelini, and is not silenced or even disposed of, as it is unfortunately practiced too often, also for fear of other catteries. So make your opinion!
A true lesson that makes Dei AmorFelini more sovereign, but also more prudent.
Meanwhile, has been invested in a magnificent wild Somali from Siberia, named Sable Klan Paulina. Likewise, an exchange with our breeder friend Barbara Pointing takes place. Likewise, DeiAmorFelini Silver Galliano, the new breeding stud that connects us with TAJURA, is above all human.
DeiAmorFelini does not breed without club, and informs himself. Breeders make us aware of the BRKV in Bavaria and we are accepted without problems. The BRKV belongs to the TICA, or better belonged to the TICA , because this club will be dissolved in 2014! Understandable ... an association that did not work. From the consultation to the correct pedigree transfer. We react promptly and we leave this club.
To Easy Cat Club Europe.... It is probably the best club we could join. In all respects, trained and professional.

The homepage is being re-recorded by my professional colleges, Thomas and Sabine, and the career has been going on ever since. Whether banners or negative comments by German breeders, the questions and enthusiasm to the DeiAmorFelini Somalis is increasing.
EVERYTHING comes back from GOD!
My Somalis are part of our life. They stand first with me and then the rest of the gang follows. Animals depend on us. They have the whole respect and, above all, LOVE!
Since October 2015, Rouven (Somalissa Genesis from Russia) has been the stud of Dei AmorFelini. At the moment there are 12 Somalis and 1 domestic cat at DeiAmorFelini. Over half are neutered, because the philosophy of DeiAmorFelini is and will ever be, MY SOMALIS stay with us in the retirement age and enjoy life. The breeding still  lives & goes on!
We would like to thank all lovers of our Somalis, our friends and especially our TICA club & ECCE Austria. (©DeiAmorFelini)


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