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Some say that she is maybe the most beautiful cat in the world: the SOMALI.
The relative of the Abyssinian cat has a semi long hair coat with each individual hair striped across. The so-called "ticking" causes deep shades of color and gives the Somali a particularly graceful appearance.
There are still only few breeders of this rare breed, although the Somali combines the best qualities of the most popular pets: It is a relaxed and elegant cat, but as trusting and affectionate as a dog.
The Somali loves to be carried and petted and is not upset by anything.
Animal reporter Pia spends the day with Francesco, who has been sharing his apartment with the lovely velvet paws for over twelve years. He looks forward to telling Pia all about this extraordinary breed of cats. (Text: ARD)

Silver Somalis....their roots!

Picture: Tajura Alónià, lilacsilver

In WorldwideWeb once was written:

"If you want to have silvers in your litter, you need a homozygous silver parent"! The safest way!

 The roots and origin of the Silver Somalis start as so often in England, in 1968.

The English catteries Firefly & Algol form the foundation for the breeding-program of the Silver Abyssinian & Somalis. To get a new color in an existing breed, you need a crossbreeding of another established breed. This must first be approved by the relevant organization. The english breeder crossed in here the British Shorthair silver tipped, also called Chinchilla! The silver gen is dominant.

Almost at the same time, at the beginning of the 1970s, the Norwegian cattery Arkens started also for the silver breeding-program of the Abyssinians and Somalis. These included the Persians Chinchilla Silver Shaded. In this case not only the dominant silver gen was passed on, but also the longhair gene. A smart move.


To consolidate or improve the breed, 4-5 generations are needed. Only then you can talk of a homozygous Abyssinian or Somali. Well thought out, this RIEX incrossing naturally brings the benefit of an expanded gene pool.

2019! LILAC joins DeiAmorFelini!

In 2019, DeiAmorFelini will join the rarest Somali colour "LILAC" in its breeding program!
The colours LILAC & CHOCOLATE have been recognized by the largest international cat organizations, such as TICA - GCCF & LOOF. The WCF also accepts these colors according to the statement below!


Interesting Link about "LILAC & CHOCOLATE" in the Somali breed:

Here is the statement of the Cat Club "Deutsche Edelkatze e.V", President of WCF International: ANNELIESE HACKMANN:
Dear Mr. Ventimiglia,
You can exhibit at any time with us.
Please inform the judges that we recognize the color.
If the colors are recognized by the TICA, GCCF and LOOF, they will also be recognized by us.
Yours sincerely
I. A. Brigitte Petek
Team Deutsche Edelkatze e.V.

The Somali in our view

DeiAmorFelini Phoebe 25102013

The Somali ....
is indeed one of the rarest breed cats in the world!
It takes luck to see these rare beauties on exhibitions.
Somalis are considered perfect natural beauties that captivate their people. Wherever they are seen, they attract attention, many of whom can not tear themselves away.
Somalis are aware of their breathtaking, natural & wild beauty!
Like true superstars, they reflect this breathtaking beauty, through their meek character. Connoisseurs of thoroughbred cats see the Somali as a timeless beauty that leaves a healthy, graceful & unsurpassed impression.
On stage she is in the midst of her race relatives a real eye-catcher!
Unlike their kindred sisters, the rare Somali is also noticeable here. In addition to the famous and often represented Maines, British Shorthairs & Sacred Birmans;
the Somali, like a herbed rare beauty, seems to be in the middle of the steppe!
Her movements are graceful, elegant and floating above the ground. The Somali is the perfect beauty for many cat connoisseurs, underlined by DeiAmorFelini. (© DeiAmorFelini)

DeiAmorFelini: expertise according to Animal Protection Act §11

Akademie Köln

DeiAmorFelini, a hobby Somali cattery, with official course with exames of expertise according to Animal Protection Act §11.

Officially trained in:
• The cat from a veterinary point of view
• The feeding of the cat
• Sex characteristics, reproduction, male rearing
• castration and sterilization
• Assessment of health status and first aid
• Behavior and attitude
• Animal welfare provisions
• Transport of pet animals in the EU and third countries

Useful information:
This qualification certificate for cats may ONLY be issued by official veterinarians of the appropriate veterinary offices or accredited academies in co-operation with veterinary official veterinarians. It applies here in Germany a nationwide law!

Not authorized:
German cat clubs (they are not state authorities); as well as online portals (eg Pawpeds) can NOT provide this proof of competence in Germany, and are also NOT recognized by the national veterinary offices.

The History of DeiAmorFelini


DeiAmorFelini starts its breeding career with the basic consideration in 2009! At this time, the 2 SilverSomalis Coco & Chanel have been living with me for 4 years. This includes studying the breed Somali, its history, development and the various pedigrees. A connection with the traditional colors (Ruddy, Sorrel, Blue & Fawn) to the American Cattery Lynn-Lee should always be available, at least on one parent side. And regarding the Silversomalis to the English Silver-Abyssinian Firefly Jasper!

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NEWS in media

swp-KATZENEUAn article about our breed written by German press!!!

Ehinger züchtet Rassetiere: Leben mit Somali-Katzen

"Somali ist für mich die perfekte Katze", sagt der Ehinger Francesco Ventimiglia. Seit fünf Jahren züchtet er diese Rassekatzen, neun leben mit ihm in der Wohnung. Sie machen auch bei Wettbewerben mit....

(SWP - Ehinger Tagblatt / RAINER SCHÄFFOLD / 15.08.2014)

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