Since 2005 in my heart....COCO & CHANEL!

In 1999 I saw my first Somali on a show in Rottweil! It was LOVE at first sight!
Six years later I should have my own first "Somalis".
The sisters Coco & Chanel, my first Somalis who entered in my heart in 2005, inspired me to start breeding!
Today they still live with me as neuters in harmony with the other breeding Somalis since 14 years now. In Dezember 2018 I lost Chanel. But in her sister Coco she still continous to live. They would never have to leave cause I am breeding today...The have been my inspiration to go the way of breeding Somalis!


WE are DeiAmorFelini!

BellaioStoccarda2013We are DeiAmorFelini located in southern Germany! We live near Austrian, French & Suisse border, less than 1,5 hours.

The Somali entered in my heart in 1999. I was impressed from her natural beauty. We do breed with extended pedigreed Somalis from Russia, Finnland, United Kingdom. We are in ruddy, sorrel, blue and fawn. Also we do have sometimes silver kittens.

Our big interest is in the lilac Somali for future. This rare colour is more bred in United Kingdom.

We have two mentors in questions and experiences about the breed. 

My Somalis live their life with us. We live in a 3 family house & my Somalis have their appartment with lot of space and secured terrazzo! Visit us and enjoy us.

All my somalis know children and other cats. They shall be very socialized when they move in their new home.

The biggest importance for us is always knowing the future parents personally. They are shown all our breed and how they live in harmony. You have to visit the cattery if you want to know sure that your Kitten comes from a good home. We are also responsible for the growing kitten.

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My love, my passion is the Somali!

WELCOME @ DeiAmorFelini 

Before we start to introduce ourselves, we would like to give our part of advices for you how to choose a lovely & healthy Kitten!

Choose & visit your chosen cattery NOT only once, but more times !
Take always a look at how all cats are hold in their home!
Especially if they are caged..then please refuse!
How are the male cats they live alone in closed rooms, then please refuse!
Kittens and mum & dad should be friendly to you as visitors, not too shy!

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Unique & Divine DeiAmorFelini!


My Somalis live with us in a 3 family house, in my appartment, which has about 170 m2 including a secured terrazzo!
We do NOT separate the boys from the girls. Our philosophy is harmony and it works!


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Get in Touch

Francesco Ventimiglia
Karpfenweg 106 / Get route
89584 Ehingen (Donau) – Germany
+49 7391 7679210

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