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The Somali in our view

DeiAmorFelini Phoebe 25102013

The Somali ....
is indeed one of the rarest breed cats in the world!
It takes luck to see these rare beauties on exhibitions.
Somalis are considered perfect natural beauties that captivate their people. Wherever they are seen, they attract attention, many of whom can not tear themselves away.
Somalis are aware of their breathtaking, natural & wild beauty!
Like true superstars, they reflect this breathtaking beauty, through their meek character. Connoisseurs of thoroughbred cats see the Somali as a timeless beauty that leaves a healthy, graceful & unsurpassed impression.
On stage she is in the midst of her race relatives a real eye-catcher!
Unlike their kindred sisters, the rare Somali is also noticeable here. In addition to the famous and often represented Maines, British Shorthairs & Sacred Birmans;
the Somali, like a herbed rare beauty, seems to be in the middle of the steppe!
Her movements are graceful, elegant and floating above the ground. The Somali is the perfect beauty for many cat connoisseurs, underlined by DeiAmorFelini. (© DeiAmorFelini)

CINNAMON & TOA are the new studs


Yes there are two lovely boys!

They will be the future stud cats @ DeiAmorFelini.

Both have nothing in common in terms of their origin and their pedigree!

...... both are Somalis through and through ... gentle, cuddly, affectionate and people-oriented. I had both in my hand from the day they were born!

My or our apartment has been restructured over the years so that the male cats live together harmoniously in the group with their girls and neuters.

The males are thus specifically paired with the corresponding queens. Which has been handled the same way in the past. Whether lovers or friendly breeders have seen and got to know our principle ...

In theory, it is planned that the males will both stay in the breed for 8 years and that then everyone in the DeiAmorFelini family will retire. They are visions for future ..... often things turn out differently ...... But one should also have visions in life!


Kitten are expected @ Xmas


It always turns out differently ...

Although I would have liked to have taken a break, it was actually the first time that a neutered male cat successfully mated with a female. According to the experience of other breeders, neutered males can still mate successfully up to 5 weeks after neutering. We can now confirm this ......

This results in the following theoretical conditions:

From the mating Rouven and Alonia kittens can be born in the colors Chocolate, Lilac, Ruddy, Sorrel, Blue & Fawn, and their silver variants .

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