Tajura Alonia *United Kingdom


comes from the english cattery Tajura!
She was born on 24th November 2018 and is a rare lilacsilver Somali.
Lilacsilver is the dillution of Chocolatesilver. At the moment there are only 2 lilacsilver Somalis in the world that are registered for breed.

Alonia is an extemly friendly somali and more affectionated to me and very prudent to strangers. Genetically she is tested free from Pk-Def and PRA by Langfords Vets/ Bristol.
She carries dillution and non-Silver! 

Her pedigree is that what DeiAmorFelini is known for its worldwide bright genepool!
Thanks a lot to my best friend Barbara Pointing for having me trusted that girl.

Pedigree Alonia


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