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2019! LILAC joins DeiAmorFelini!

In 2019, DeiAmorFelini will join the rarest Somali colour "LILAC" in its breeding program!
The colours LILAC & CHOCOLATE have been recognized by the largest international cat organizations, such as TICA - GCCF & LOOF. The WCF also accepts these colors according to the statement below!


Interesting Link about "LILAC & CHOCOLATE" in the Somali breed:

Here is the statement of the Cat Club "Deutsche Edelkatze e.V", President of WCF International: ANNELIESE HACKMANN:
Dear Mr. Ventimiglia,
You can exhibit at any time with us.
Please inform the judges that we recognize the color.
If the colors are recognized by the TICA, GCCF and LOOF, they will also be recognized by us.
Yours sincerely
I. A. Brigitte Petek
Team Deutsche Edelkatze e.V.

The History of DeiAmorFelini


DeiAmorFelini starts its breeding career with the basic consideration in 2009! At this time, the 2 SilverSomalis Coco & Chanel have been living with me for 4 years. This includes studying the breed Somali, its history, development and the various pedigrees. A connection with the traditional colors (Ruddy, Sorrel, Blue & Fawn) to the American Cattery Lynn-Lee should always be available, at least on one parent side. And regarding the Silversomalis to the English Silver-Abyssinian Firefly Jasper!
The Cattery Lynn-Lee is ultimately the one who has fought for the recognition of the breed SOMALI. Without her courage the Somali would not have been recognized. In the colors chocolate and lilac the minds separate, because there are the lovers and the stupid ones. Lilac & Chocolate can only be achieved by cross-breeding to a foreign race, often crossed with Burmese, at the beginning. If breeders have KNOW-HOW, you will practize this well for genetics and defects. A breed is pure in the breed after 4 generations. Also this is often not known yet, with many, we call these also breeders. Fresh blood is enriching when used professionally and conscientiously!

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April 2019 ! Kittens available!!

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We have kittens looking for a warm & stable home! Contact us .... We prefer a personal, telephone contact and a pleasant visit to our hobby-cattery!
Phone 0049 - 07391 - 7679210
General informations:
Our kittens leave us starting from  the 14th week of life with:
-EU-passport incl. all vaccinations (cat's epidemic / cold, chlamydia & rabies)
-Genetic tests of parent animals
Pedigree, issued by our association and a basic equipment.

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