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WE are DeiAmorFelini!

BellaioStoccarda2013We are DeiAmorFelini located in southern Germany! We live near Austrian, French & Suisse border, less than 1,5 hours.

The Somali entered in my heart in 1999. I was impressed from her natural beauty. We do breed with extended pedigreed Somalis from Russia, Finnland, United Kingdom. We are in ruddy, sorrel, blue and fawn. Also we do have sometimes silver kittens.

Our big interest is in the lilac Somali for future. This rare colour is more bred in United Kingdom.

We have two mentors in questions and experiences about the breed. 

My Somalis live their life with us. We live in a 3 family house & my Somalis have their appartment with lot of space and secured terrazzo! Visit us and enjoy us.

All my somalis know children and other cats. They shall be very socialized when they move in their new home.

The biggest importance for us is always knowing the future parents personally. They are shown all our breed and how they live in harmony. You have to visit the cattery if you want to know sure that your Kitten comes from a good home. We are also responsible for the growing kitten.

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DeiAmorFelini: expertise according to Animal Protection Act §11

Akademie Köln

DeiAmorFelini, a hobby Somali cattery, with official course with exames of expertise according to Animal Protection Act §11.

Officially trained in:
• The cat from a veterinary point of view
• The feeding of the cat
• Sex characteristics, reproduction, male rearing
• castration and sterilization
• Assessment of health status and first aid
• Behavior and attitude
• Animal welfare provisions
• Transport of pet animals in the EU and third countries

Useful information:
This qualification certificate for cats may ONLY be issued by official veterinarians of the appropriate veterinary offices or accredited academies in co-operation with veterinary official veterinarians. It applies here in Germany a nationwide law!

Not authorized:
German cat clubs (they are not state authorities); as well as online portals (eg Pawpeds) can NOT provide this proof of competence in Germany, and are also NOT recognized by the national veterinary offices.

November - 2019 ! Kittens available!!


We have kittens looking for a warm & stable home! Contact us .... We prefer a personal, telephone contact and a pleasant visit to our hobby-cattery!
Phone 0049 - 07391 - 7679210
General informations:
Our kittens leave us starting from  the 14th week of life with:
-EU-passport incl. all vaccinations (cat's epidemic / cold, chlamydia & rabies)
-Genetic tests of parent animals
Pedigree, issued by our association and a basic equipment.

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Francesco Ventimiglia
Karpfenweg 106 / Get route
89584 Ehingen (Donau) – Germany
+49 7391 7679210 francesco.ventimiglia@web.de